Scribe Machine

Product Description:

The scribe machine is a low-noise marking machine, which overcomes the shortcomings of high-frequency percussion dot-matrix marking equipment with large marking noise, slightly rough around the printed characters and the existence of engraving dust.

Technical characteristics


The Silent Engraver is the perfect application for a new generation of marking technology. The initial engraving silent intelligent pneumatic engraving and marking machine overcomes the shortcomings of high-frequency percussion dot matrix marking equipment, such as high marking noise, slightly roughness around the printed characters and the existence of engraving dust. The silent engraving machine is widely used in major cars. , The printing of truck manufacturers' body, nameplates, sheet metal parts and other products effectively improves the working environment and improves the marking quality of products.


  1. The printing needle adopts a specially designed titanium alloy needle, which makes the printing effect smooth and delicate and greatly improves the printing quality.
  2. The equipment uses a servo motor drive system to replace the previous stepper motor drive system, which ensures the dynamic printing positioning of the printing process is accurate and fast.
  3. The double guide ball screw motion mode is adopted, which enhances the stability of printing and improves the accuracy of printing. The graphic printing precision is high, the scribed content is clear, and the depth is uniform.
  4. Low noise design. When the ordinary pneumatic marking machine prints the VIN code and other sheet metal parts of the car, the printing noise exceeds 100 decibels, while the working noise of this equipment is lower than 70 decibels, which meets the requirements of national standards.
  5. The printing content has continuous strokes and beautiful printing effect. With the stepless enlargement font library, it can print exquisite content.
  6. No splash metal dust is generated during the scribing process.

Technique Specifications

Technical parameters of silent engraving machine:

Scoring speed: 3-5 characters/second;

Scribing depth: 0.01-1mm;

Scoring range: 150mmX20mm or customized;

Delineation content: Chinese and English characters, numbers, graphics of any size;

Graphic editing: automatic serial number printing, storage, repeat number prompt, barcode input and output printing;

Printing material: various metal or non-metal workpieces with hardness below HRC60;

Accuracy guarantee: 5 years of continuous operation, the font accuracy error is less than or equal to 0.01mm;

Working air source: 0.4-0.6Mpa, 3L/S;

Working voltage: 220VAC 50Hz;

Machine power: 1000W

Machine weight: 30-80kg

Performance Parameter
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