How to customize a marking machine for your use?

07 Nov , 2023

Support ODM/OEM Service

What we provide for you

Black, blue, red, white, etc. can be customized


Professional customized machine



Customized service

Customize the exclusive marking machine according to your requirements



Customized case

Laser series


Optical fiber series


Carbon dioxide series


Ultraviolet series


Accessories series


Customizable LOGO



Customizable in multiple languages


Russian French Arabic Spanish



Software customizable


Powerful, can type all kinds of numbers, letters, OR
codes, barcodes, serial numbers, trademarks, etc.

It can interface with PLC and transmit data to realize automatic marking.

Provide multilingual marking and special flight software, marking speed is fast

Simple operation, no need to connect to the computer,just connect to the display screen, not easy to drop the line.




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