How to maintain and maintain laser marking machine.

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2017/01/05

ZIXU laser marking machine maintenance services. As a manufacturer of wholesale price
Any product in the use of the process should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, in order to use is very smooth and longer life. ZIXU optical fiber marking machine also pay attention to maintenance, typing can be more clear and perfect. ZIXU fiber laser marking machine mainly pay attention to several maintenance methods:
Protect the glass 1, regular cleaning of F- lens, every fixed with clean cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol in one direction;
2, regularly check the operation of the fan, abnormal operation of the fan to be replaced;
3, regular cleaning mouse, keyboard;
4, regular cleaning and dust in the air fan laser equipment, power failure, a week by air along the direction of clean air.
5, before the start of the day, carefully check the auxiliary gas pressure, if the gas pressure is not enough, check whether the pipeline leaks;
6, check the button is damaged, check the indicator is normal;
7, processing inspection before focusing mirror lenses have no fouling;
8, check the lifting mechanism position before and after the shift;
9, before the inspection software parameter settings have no change;
10, after the completion of the daily work, according to the shutdown steps to shut down, and then turn off the total power supply;
11, after the completion of the work, in a timely manner to clean up the processing waste, clean up the work site, keep the work site tidy, clean
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