PMK-Cylinder marking machine

Product Description:

Zixu gas cylidner pneuamtic dot peen marking machine widely is used for gas industry to mark characters and graphics, serial number on large round surface parts or immovable cylinders, such as oxygen cylinder, liquefied gas cylinder, natural gas cylinder, specialgas cylinder etc.

The marking effect is very clear and beautiful even if on the painting surface. It will save a lot of effeciency and labor cost for many gas cylinder manufacturers. The operation is simple and safety.

Technical characteristics

Application Area:

1.Application range is the most extensive, cost-effective. This model is designed for gas industry, it has the advantage of portable, light weight, simple operation.

2.The machine equipped high quality marking needle especially for deep marking on high hard materials. And also we support free proofing and marking solutions for customers, supply customized per customers' requirements. 

3.It has served thousands of companies at home and abroad. Our gas cylinders marking machine has developed a newest and most suitable cylinder marking through upgrading and upgrading.

4.The steel rim perfectly fits with the cylinder, and the alloy marking needle independently developed by our company can mark your gas cylinder with clear and beautiful figures or patterns.


1.What are the main products of your company?

Pneumatic marking machine, laser marking machine, electrical marking machine, etching marking machine, tapping machine.

2.Where is your marking machine applied to?

To be applied in Automobile, bodywork of motorcycle, car frame, automotive chassis, engine, mechanical part, machine tool, metal pipe, gear, pump body, valve and various hardness plastic products.

3.What materials the machine could mark?

Could marking steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum

Performance Parameter

Marking Speed

2-5 characters(2x2mm)/s

Stroke Frequency

300 times/s

Marking Depth

0.01 to 1mm (Vary to the material)

Marking contents

Alphanumeric info, Data Matrix or dot matrix 2D codes, Shift codes, Barcode, Serial Number, Date, VIN Code, Time, Letter, Figure, Logo, Graphics etc. 

Stylus Pin Hardness


Marking area

80x40mm,130x30mm,140x80mm, 200x200mm



Marking materials

< HRC60 metallic and nonmetallic materials

< HRC60 need special stylus

Repeat accuracy




Work voltage

AC110V 60HZ or AC220V 50HZ

Pneumatic Air

0.2 - 0.6Mpa


USB 2.0 Port and RS -232


1. 7" LCD touch screen controller 2. windows 7 & windows XP 

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