Equipment features:
1. It is characterized by high aspect ratio, small weld width, small heat affected area, small deformation and fast welding speed
2. The welding seam is flat, beautiful and does not need treatment after welding
3. High welding quality, no porosity, can reduce or optimize the impurities in the base metal. After welding, the weld structure can be refined, and the strength and toughness are at least equal to or even more than that of the base metal
4. It can realize automatic precise control, small laser output power drift, small focus spot and high precision positioning.
5. The welding of round and other special-shaped parts can be realized by the self-contained rotating fixture.
Product composition and performance index
This product is mainly composed of laser, laser power supply, cooling system, light guiding and focusing system, control system and two-dimensional worktable, CNC lifting worktable, rotary fixture, coaxial monitoring system, air blowing protection system, etc.

automtic laser welding machine

The laser is manufactured by German technology, and is composed of the main components such as light fixture base, condenser cavity, YAG crystal, pump xenon lamp, diaphragm frame, indicator light source, hood, etc. The laser is a sealed structure, which has the function of safety protection and environmental protection, and can work normally in various environments
Within the effective continuous working time and under the rated power, the technical parameters of the laser (such as average power, single pulse energy, divergence angle, spot diameter, etc.) shall be kept in a relatively stable state of ± 2%


Laser Automatic Welding Machine




6KW Single/Three phase

Max Power


Laser frequency


Pulse width


Focal spot diameter


Position accuracy



cross cursor/red light (optional photograph system)

Light concentrating housing

British ceramic cavity

Cooling input


Power supply

220V Single phase/50Hz/30A

Worktable range


Water cooler size






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