Adwords laser welding machine is a new welding technology used in the advertisement industry, especially stainless steel has very high standards for the welding technique because of appearance requirement. With the advent of advertising words welding machine, there is no scope to display increasingly their abilities in the advertisement industry for the traditional argon arc welding, cold welding. The appearance of new laser advertising word welding machine and mature practicality will bring a technical innovation to advertising words welding industry.

Adwords laser welding machine

1. The heat input can be reduced to the minimum required amount, the metallographic change range of heat affected zone is small, and the deformation caused by heat conduction is also the lowest

2. The laser beam is easy to focus, aligned and guided by optical instruments, can be placed at a proper distance from the workpiece, and can be re guided between the machines and tools or obstacles around the workpiece. Other welding methods cannot play due to the above space restrictions.
3. The laser beam can be focused in a very small area, and small parts can be welded,
4. When welding thin materials, it is not easy to have the problem of remelting like arc welding.
5. Familiar hands can learn to operate quickly, saving you expensive technical labor costs. At present, both the coastal areas with more developed economy and the inland areas with less developed economy have encountered the problem of difficult recruitment to varying degrees. The wages of technical talents have increased exponentially, while the welding machine is easy to operate and can be operated by skilled hands to solve the problem of difficult recruitment of technical workers
6. High efficiency of workers, long time welding is not easy to fatigue
Traditional identification welding adopts soldering tin, argon arc welding and other methods, with low working efficiency and easy fatigue. This product breaks through the traditional practice and adopts directional point-to-point welding, which is 10-15 times faster than ordinary welding words. The work efficiency is high, and the operators work in sitting position, which solves the problem of work fatigue.
7. There is no pollution in laser welding
8. In the work of advertising laser welding machine, the welding is smoke-free, no strong light, ultra-low noise, no matter how complex the size of the logo, it can be welded. The welding is precise, meticulous and firm.
Adwords laser welding machine
Used for all kinds of high-quality characters, Seiko characters, mirror characters, Shagang characters, titanium characters, galvanized plate characters, aluminum profile three-dimensional characters, stainless steel mirror characters, stainless steel drawing characters, stainless steel spherical characters, stainless steel flat characters, stainless steel baking paint characters, stainless steel spray plastic characters, stainless steel solid characters, stainless steel electroplating characters, stainless steel gold foil characters, Seiko metal characters, titanium flat characters, titanium spherical characters , and other advertising words and other industries of metal materials butt welding molding.


Adwords Welding Machine

Total weight


Worktable size


Worktable loading


Lifting size


light path=600mm

Spot size


Power supply

220V+10%/50Hz 380V+10%/50Hz

Pulse width


Laser type

Pulse ø7*145mm

Length of laser cavity=117mm

Pulse frequency


Laser wavelength


Max Power


Output focal length


Cooling system

Water cooling

Observation system


Shielding gas



Laser Automatic Welding Machine




6KW Single/Three phase

Max Power


Laser frequency


Pulse width


Focal spot diameter


Position accuracy



cross cursor/red light (optional photograph system)

Light concentrating housing

British ceramic cavity

Cooling input


Power supply

220V Single phase/50Hz/30A

Worktable range


Water cooler size






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