ZIXU 50 watt fiber laser marking machine with ipg source

1.Fiber laser marking machine equipment is to build a working wavelength of 1064μm micron fiber laser, and according to the characteristics of modern processing technology, fiber laser marking machine completed a rotating marking and flight marking special processing system. Of course, commonly used static marking cinch. The laser marking machine system realizes the processing on the non-planar material surface and the production line. The laser marking machine achieves the industrial automation standard, and the laser marking machine improves the applicability and working efficiency.

2.Fiber laser marking machine is the most advanced laser marking equipment in the world. It has the characteristics of good beam quality, small size, fast speed, long working life, flexible and convenient installation, and maintenance-free. Fiber laser, the latest in the world, the most reliable structure, small size, small power consumption, high voltage without large water cooling system (only about 300W), high beam quality, close to the ideal beam, USB interface, output control, optical scanning Mirror, high laser repetition rate, high speed without distortion.

ipg laser marking machine

50w laser marking machine


rotary marking machine

50w laser marking machine

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