ZIXU 30w fiber laser marking machine price

1.Fiber laser marking machine working frequency is generally 10-100KHz high repetition rate operation, 10W-20W average power output of fiber laser products is very small volume, and no water cooling system, the volume is greatly reduced. As the laser diode inside the fiber laser marking machine is a low-voltage operation, the optical power of the fiber laser marking machine fiber laser is as high as 70%. The magnitude of the driving power is very small compared with the lamp Nd-YAG laser.

2.The so-called fiber laser marking machine is the type of marking machine using a fiber laser, fiber laser with a small size (no water cooling device, the use of air-cooled), good beam quality (basic mode), maintenance-free features. Today's fiber optic equipment can not only reduce maintenance costs, but also the service life has been greatly extended, marking the effect compared with the original more detailed and clear

30w fiber laser marking machine


fiber laser marking machine

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