Metal Laser Engraving Machine


laser engraving machine for metal samples

Metal Laser Engraver Machine


mini laser engraver for metal is the use of laser beam in a variety of different material surface etching with a

permanent etcher. The effect of etching is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the

 surface material, or to "etch" the traces of the physical matter of the surface material by light, or to burn 

some of the material by light, to show the desired pattern , Text, bar code and other graphics.


Laser power     20W 

Laser Wavelength


Light beam quality


Repeating precision


Marking range

110x110mm 200x200mm 300x300mm(customize)

Marking depth


Marking speed


Minimum character


Minimum line width


Repeating frequency


Marking content

Graphics, text, bar codes, two-dimensional code,

date, batch number, serial number

Graphic format supported


working voltage




Gross Weight


Control interface

Standard USB port

Working environment

Clean and dust free or dust less

Laser module life

100000~200000 hours

Metal Laser Engraver Machine


Laser marking machine for metal Features:

1.Can engraving on a variety of metal, non-metallic materials,Especially more good at marking on high

 hardness, high melting point, brittle materials 
2.non contact processing, no damage to the product, no tool wear, good marking quality.

3.The laser beam is thin, the material consumption is very small, and the heat affected zone is small. 

4.high processing efficiency, computer control system, easy to achieve automation.


Laser marking machine Application:

Widelyused in many fields,Integrated circuit chipgraphics,computer accessories, industrial bearings,

 watches, electronic and telecommunication products, aerospace devices, auto parts, household 

appliances, hardware tools, moulds, wire and cable, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco and military things, and mass production line.

Metal Laser Engraver Machine

Metal Laser Engraver Machine


Company information

Chongqing Zixu Machine Works - the company founded in 2006, is a professional R & D, production

, sales of marking machine and accessories products, marking industry leading enterprises. We 

have reached the marking machine (dynamic electric and laser gas) annual output of more than 

1000 sets, marking needle (including pneumatic and electric) the annual output of more than 100000. 

The company's own brand – Zixu, Chongqing city famous brand, has many electric marking 

series of patent, enjoy high reputation in the markup scale industry. The company has the right to 

operate import and export, is Beibei District of Chongqing City export key enterprises.

Metal Laser Engraver Machine


Return and feedback

As we do not have the maintenance department at overseas, you can send back the problem spare parts to 

maintenance or replacement the new spare parts,We depend on our domestic reputation and customer 

satisfaction to succeed. Therefore, your feedback is extremely important to us.


After-sales Services

One year guarantee for main machine (People damaged are charged).Full technical support\ by e-mail, call and video

Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.Free design of fixtures as customers required.Free training installation

 and operation for the staffs.



We accept T/T,Credit card,western union.

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