Plastic Wood High Quality CO2 engraving Machine
Product Configuration
1. Raiser two-phase stepper drive system
2. Rui DSP smart board; offline work to achieve U disk download, no separate computer
3. knives platform
4. The linear guide, high precision design
5. Singapore imported laser lens
6. imported transmission belt
7. A centrifugal fan
8. Three protection functions: security features, filtering protection, water protection.
9. The random with a gift CW5000 chiller
10. The magnetic random gift compression pump
Cutting thickness 2mm below the metal material by metal pipe, stainless steel, tin plate, and other non-metallic materials acrylic, plexiglass, MDF, MDF and drilling processing, with high efficiency, low cost, stability, security, and more precision characteristics.
For industry
Suitable for chemical composite panels: acrylic, sheet metal processing, metal tail billboard, sheet metal punching, billboard, sheet metal, plastic.

TAG:  CO2 Laser Engraving Machine For Plastic And Wood

Plastic Wood High Quality CO2 Cutting Machine

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TAG:  CO2 Laser Engraving Machine For Plastic And Wood
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