China Factory Direct OEM Dot Pin Engraving System Electrical Stylus
a.High hardness, low-cost, and durable
b.Pin tip can be polished,
c.It is a very economical consumable of pneumatic marking machine
D.deep marking and narrow marking supported
Automobile, bodywork of motorcycle, car frame ,automotive chassis, engine, mechanical part, machine tool, metal pipe, gear, pump body, valve, various hardness plastic products, hardware part, Aeronautics, Electronics, war and light industry for marking steel, iron, copper, aluminum and plastic parts and various nameplate marking.
1.To marking on high hardness (HRA60 and above)metals products , needed to use the diamond pneumatic marking pin.
2 .The life of the marking pin is depending on the frequency of usage, marking depth and the material of working piece.
ZIXU Manufacture Price Customized High Quality Electric Dot peen Marking Part

China Factory Direct OEM Dot Pin Engraving System Electrical Stylus

Pin cover Material

Aluminum (optional color), copper, cost iron

Stylus material

hard alloy

Stylus hardness

93HRA (68HRC)

Marking material hardness

≤ 60HRA (HRC30)

Marking Objects

plastic, iron, copper, aluminum and other metals

Marking depth


stylus diameter

 Φ2.5, Φ3.5, ( customized supported)


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