VIN Dot Matrix Marking Machine



Print the content into the computer, the computer processed into data and lost control signal to the controller, the controller controls the print pin in X-Y two-dimensional plane by a certain trajectory, while the print pin under the action of compressed air for high-frequency micro-impact movement, Thus printing beautiful marks on the workpiece. The printing method is tracing printing.


Dot marking machine



Machine power


Power supply


Stroke frequency


Marking speed

2-5 characters(2x2mm)/s

Marking depth

0.01 to 1mm (Vary to the material)

Standard marking area




Automobiles, motorcycles and other engines, pistons, body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, engine, cylinder and other parts number, name, trademark, production date printing,Various mechanical parts, machine tools, metal products, metal pipes, gears, pumps, valves, fasteners, steel, instrumentation. , Mechanical and electrical equipment such as metal marking; plastic products.

VIN Dot Matrix Marking Machine

VIN Dot Matrix Marking Machine


Usage method

Check the power, cable, trachea connection, after confirmation of correct power, gas source, according to the software manual editing marking the contents of the file. 


Product function

Limit switch: In the horizontal and vertical rail ends have a limit switch. It passes the limit signal to the control section. During the reset process, if one of the limit switches is closed, the motor that drives the motor in this direction will stop running. When the other motor is closed, both motors will stop. At this time, the computer will issue a command to let X, Y Move the motor a little to the positive direction, thus completing the reset process. At this time, the print pin is located in the upper left corner of the print range, that is, the origin. When printing, the print pin moves from this origin to the desired position for printing, and automatically returns to the origin when printing is completed.


Design features

Pneumatic marking machine marking head place switch using Japanese OMRON products, high precision, good reliability, our company uses the most advanced circuit design, and SCM participation control mode, the printer has a very long continuous working hours, stable operation reliable.

VIN Dot Matrix Marking Machine


Packing and shipping

Packing in carton case,45*45*55cm

The machine gross is 1-75KG, you can use express delivery. If more than 75KG, you can choose sea transportation.

VIN Dot Matrix Marking Machine


After sale service

1. We sell the whole one year warranty, life-long maintenance;

2. Free installation, debugging my company sold products;
3. Free training for the use of operators, maintenance staff;
4. Free equipment upgrade software;


Company information   

Founded in 2006, Chongqing Chuke is a professional manufacturer that provides marking solutions, marking equipment and accessories, and is currently the largest mainstream accessory supplier in China marking industry. Companies to "make the world no marking problems" as the core goal, I hope all the people through the efforts of the purple aspirations, so that all customers have the most suitable marking program. Lay a solid foundation for the customer's brand building!

The quality of the company as the soul of our business! 12 years of insistence, let us get excellent reputation in the industry. Intentions of the service to our customers more trust. Professional design, thoughtful after-sales, let our products are exported to all corners of the country, won the praise of customers at home and abroad! We firmly believe that through the joint efforts of Chuke, we will surely make all enterprises have their own identification system and successfully create a business anti-counterfeiting and traceability system. 

VIN Dot Matrix Marking Machine

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