Electric Dot Mark Machine For VIN Number


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Chongqing zixu machine works, Produce and customized marking machine 13 years, the Alibaba 7 years good supplier, No complaints, perfect after sale service system, No matter where you buy it, you can rest assured.continue to launch new products, to meet the industry demand is marking. your side marking scheme provides expert.



The handheld electric marking machine,no need air supply, and uses electromagnetic marking. It can work as long as there is a power source. It can match batteries in field work. Compared with pneumatic marking machine, it has low noise, depth and pneumatic marking machine.


Advantages of portable electric marking machine:

1, the electric marking machine head is very light, convenient to move, can marking large and heavy workpiece ,which is not easy to move .

2.Completely offline operation, friendly man-machine interface, easy to learn and easy to use, simple operation;

3.Can automatically print the English character, serial number, VIN code, two-dimensional code;

4.The hard alloy material is imported from the needle, and the hardness of the printing material can reach HRC60.

5.Anti-interference, radiation resistance, and harsh environment

6.The failure rate is very low, the maintenance is small, the power consumption is low, the cost is low, and the price is low. Consulting phone: +86 18323847792



The technical parameters of the hand-held electric marking machine:

Marking range:80*30mm

Marking deepth:below 0.5mm

Marking hardness: below HRC62 degree

Marking speed: up to 2-5 characters / seconds

Voltage:AC220V ±10% 50Hz

Connection:RS232, USB





The hand-held electric marking machine is more convenient to use with all cast aluminum finishing handle. The HD color screen and the protective film keyboard with integrated graphics display are more convenient to operate. It allows fast and direct code modification by manually entering or using color icons. The weight of the electric code machine is only 3kg, it can be charged, easy to move, and increase the operability.

Electric marking machine marking sample display:






 marking machine.jpg



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