Dot Peen Machine For Metal Name Plate



Needle under the action of compressed air for high-frequency vibration, the impact of the workpiece.At the same time, computer-controlled two-dimensional motion mechanism driven by the needle in accordance with the preset trajectory.Thus the formation of characters and graphics on the workpiece.



Desktop dot marking machine



Machine power


Power supply


Stroke frequency


Marking speed

2-5 characters(2x2mm)/s

Marking depth

0.01 to 1mm (Vary to the material)

Standard marking area


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Mainly used in machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace, aviation, electronics, instruments, meters and other fields, all kinds of metal, hard plastic parts of the logo and product nameplate printing (such as: instruments, meters and mechanical equipment Nameplate).


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Usage method

1 Press the back panel shown above, the computer system cable, the power connection;

2 one end of the control cable that is 19-core aviation plug with the back of the electric control box 19 core connector, the other end with the host 19 core connector;
3 Use Φ8 trachea to connect the pneumatic parts of the marking machine with the air source of the factory; 4 Start the computer; 5 Turn on the power of the control box;
6 according to the instructions of the software manual (or press the software interface prompts) enter the correct print content; 7 workpiece positioning, marking. 
Product function
Generally speaking, the softer the material, the darker the printing is; the closer the printing needle is from the surface of the workpiece (greater than the minimum distance), the deeper the printing is; the lower the pressure is The higher the print, the darker it is; the slower the print speed, the deeper the print.
Design features
Standard machine motor using a custom two-phase hybrid stepping motor, the rotor using the highest quality materials, with high step accuracy, high speed stability, high torque, so that the printing effect is very beautiful.
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Packing and shipping
Packing in carton case,65*55*90cm                       
The machine gross is 1-75KG, you can use express delivery. If more than 75KG, you can choose sea transportation.
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Company information
Chuke is a famous brand of marking machine in China. Chuke Machinery Factory is one of the largest production bases for marking needles in China. The company is located in Beibei District, Chongqing City and was established in 2006. In addition to producing pneumatic marking needles, the company also autonomously R & D laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machine, marking machine, and its accessories.
Chuke Machinery Factory is a technology, industry and trade companies, enterprises contract and keeping promises. The company's existing production and sales of more than 60 people, 10 were in professional and technical workers, the company occupies 3,000 square meters, with large-scale production of complete sets of equipment, marking machine design, manufacture, quality inspection, performance testing with strong technical force and production capacity.
Set all kinds of professional and technical elite, with the marking machine industry-leading technical force, Chuke so that each marking machine to do fine, fine, new standards, only one thing to do 12 years, focusing on marking machines and The production of its accessories.
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