Desktop Dot Peen Marking Machine China



Marking speed

2-5 characters(2x2mm)/s

Stroke Frequency


Marking depth

0.01 to 2mm (Vary to the material)

Marking contents

Alphanumeric info, Data Matrix or dot matrix 2D codes,

Shift codes, Barcode, Serial Number, Date, VIN Code, Time,

Letter, Figure, Logo, Graphics and etc.

Stylus Pin Hardness


Marking area


300x150mm(customized support)



Marking materials

below HRC60 metallic and nonmetallic materials ,

above HRC60 need special stylus

Repeat accuracy




Work voltage

AC 110V 60HZ or AC220V 50HZ

Compressed Air( Pneumatic Air)



USB and RS-232


a. 7"LCD touch screen controller

b. windows 7&windows XP

Power type



Marking directions

up, down, left, right, and the circular arc surface marking

Gross weight


What is model PMK-D01?
1. Desktop Stand-alone marking machine ,with 7"LCD controller,no extra PC needed; used conveniently,friendly software interface,very easy to use.
2. Support fixture device:
• a. Rotary fixture, Suitable for various pipe marking, external diameter within 100mm, internal diameter 40-80mm;
• b. Pneumatic name plate fixture suit for various plates marking.
• c. Manual name plate fixture (customied supported) .
3.Dot Peen marking equipment, is a permanent, direct part marking process using a carbide pin to indent the marking surface to form dotted lines, logos and 2D Data Matrix bar codes.
Desktop Dot Peen Marking Machine China
Desktop Dot Peen Marking Machine China
• Industrial marking system, ideal for making permanent marks on variety size of workpieces with different surface, such as flat, curve, concave, convex, round. And also the inside of pipe and other special place that hard to reach.
• Widely be used to mark on the metal or nonmetal materials.
• Pneumatic dot peen marking styluses, besides normal marking inquiry, there are deep marking stylus (0.1~1mm) and high hardness material (HRC60) marking.
• Multiple choice of controller: Mini PC based controller, small size, easy to move and light weight; 7"LCD touch screen controller, insert software, no need of PC.
Desktop Dot Peen Marking Machine China
What content can be marking?
• Any character size 1mm to 100 mm
• Serial number (value, tee, elbow, batch, shift)
• Arabic numerals Alphanumeric (Figure& Letter)
• Graphics
• VIN code
• Time variables (year, month, week, day, shift)
• Date& Time
• Barcodes & Reading
• Ticket number
• Date Matrix/2D codes/ Matrix size: 5 x 7, 9 x 13 and continuous line
• Logos marking
• Special symbols
• Database connection marking


To be applied in Automobile, bodywork of motorcycle, car frame ,automotive chassis, engine, mechanical part, machine tool, metal pipe, gear, pump body, valve, various hardness plastic products, hardware part, Aeronautics, Electronics, war and light industry for marking steel, iron, copper, aluminum and plastic parts and various nameplate marking.

· Direct Part Marking (DPM)

· Compliance Marking

· Data Matrix Coding

· VIN Coding

· Programmable Marking

· Component Identification

· Component Traceability

· Serial Numbering

· Lot Numbering

· Stock Products Numbering

· Steel Stock Marking Engraving

· Metal--Aluminum/steel/copper and etc. Plate, Tag, label and Pipe Marking

· Cast and Forge Marking

· Logo Marking

· Security Marking

· Health & Safety Appliance Marking

· Certification Marking

· Time & Date Marking

· Part or Equipment Numbering

· Batch & Shift Coding

· Calibration Marking

· Various Metal Labels Marking

· Metal Sheet Embossing


Desktop Dot Peen Marking Machine China

Desktop Dot Peen Marking Machine China

Desktop Dot Peen Marking Machine China

Desktop Dot Peen Marking Machine ChinaDesktop Dot Peen Marking Machine China

Packaging & Shipping
We have two types of packing: suit for air and ocean transportation.
• Packing by corrugated board boxes, Light weight, freight is lower
• Packing by wooden case, more security delivery with heavier weight and higher freight




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