Barcode Reader Portable Dot peen Marking Machine


Portable Dot peening Marking With Barcode Reader,with dot peen marking gun,we can use barcode reader,

Scan the QR code we need to mark, the scanner will feedback the received QR code information to the marking

machine control system, so we can mark on the material.

Portable Dot peening Marking With Barcode Reader


Industrial marking system, ideal for making permanent marks on variety size of work pieces with different

surface, such as flat, curve, concave, convex, round. And also the inside of pipe and other special place that

hard to reach.Widely be used to mark on the metal or nonmetal materials.Pneumatic dot peen marking

styluses, besides normal marking inquiry, there are deep marking stylus (0.1~1mm) and high hardness material

(HRC60) marking.Multiple choice of controller: Mini PC based controller, small size, easy to move and light weight;

7"LCD touch screen controller, insert software, no need of PC.

Portable Dot peening Marking With Barcode Reader

Portable Dot peening Marking With Barcode Reader

Portable Dot peening Marking With Barcode Reader


To be applied in Automobile, bodywork of motorcycle, car frame ,automotive chassis, engine, mechanical part, machine tool, metal pipe, 

gear, pump body, valve, various hardness plastic products, hardware part, Aeronautics, Electronics, war and light industry for marking steel, 

iron, copper, aluminum and plastic parts and auto parts marking.

Portable Dot peening Marking With Barcode Reader

Company information

Chongqing Zixu machine works, conveniently located at the foot of beautiful Mount Jinyun ,the famous
scenic of Beibei ,Chongqing.Founded in 2006, we are specialized in the research and production of marking
machine and its main spare parts. The production and consumption reaches 10 thousand pieces a year, this
makes us being the largest supplier of marking pin set.Main product Laser marking machine, laser cutting
machine, laser welding machine, electric marking machine, pneumatic marking machine, pneumatic tapping
machine, electric corrosion marking machine, manual embossing machine .We are innovators. We are problem
solvers. We are committed to designing and manufacturing the highest-quality marking systems. Our experienced
engineering team develops customized marking solutions meet a variety of marking needs. 
Portable Dot peening Marking With Barcode Reader


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