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With the development of laser application technology and numerical control machine tool technology in China, some domestic enterprises have begun to develop domestic ultraviolet laser micro processing equipment. Overall, the research and development and promotion of domestic UV laser micro processing equipment started late, and the main parts rely on imports subject to many restrictions, there is a certain gap in the performance of the equipment.
1, the application of ultraviolet laser in FPC
FPC board has high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, high bending. Features, so it is widely used in mobile phones, laptops, MP3 and other digital products, the current market in the circuit system has been widely used.
Due to the fact that the infrared or visible light wave band laser beam machining mechanism is that converts light energy into heat, so that the material melting or evaporation, this approach inevitably leads to the laser heat and heat conduction and heat radiation to the material around the area of diffusion, re dissolving layer and heat affected zone, thus limiting the micro machined edges of the quality of the Republic of precision.
UV laser due to the high photon energy, and PI, polymer material, that converts light energy into photochemical energy, direct destruction of part of the chemical bond that links the material yard or molecular components, to achieve the purpose of material removal. This material is separated into atoms is a photochemical effect "cold" process, almost no thermal damage to the surrounding area processing, can obtain high machining quality and size precision, so UV laser in FPC and its auxiliary can be widely application.
Due to the complexity of the FPC production process, materials used in the production process is easy to deform, and different parts of the use of different materials, resulting in different parts of the different degree of deformation, in the cutting area of cutting parameter data inconsistent, so on cutting system control mode, material deformation adaptability and cutting accuracy are put forward very high requirements.
After years of development, Musen technology UV laser laser laser precision molding machine UV-500S based on coordinate projection transformation machine vision automatic positioning system, success will be break the fixture machining accuracy and installation conditions, directly through based on the choice of the mark of every circuit unit of FPC real deformation of the mark for positioning cutting, effectively solve the deformation of the material produced by the error, the precision was controlled within 0.05mm.
2, UV laser in high density interconnection board (HDI) application in drilling
With the development of semiconductor electronic products towards portable, miniaturization and functional diversification of the direction of development, more and more PCB small size requirements. The key to improve the level of the PCB in small size in width and between different level line micro vias. If the width is small enough in the PCB board can not only for wiring more space, and the through hole is smaller, more suitable for high speed circuit. The traditional mechanical drilling method for machining micro pore size below 100um is incapable of action, in this case, laser drilling has become the only choice.
At present, in the laser drilling application more electronic industry is C02 laser drilling and UV laser drilling. Microporous C02 laser main drill diameter of 75 to 150um, but there are some counterpoint and can not penetrate the high reflectivity metal (such as copper) on the surface of the problem. Musen technology UV laser laser laser precision molding machine not only can drill holes below 25um, and there is no problem of counterpoint, can in a variety of materials, drilling, cutting and welding. An important feature of HDI is that a large number of micro holes, some high density PCB micro pore size is less than 50um up to tens of thousands. No processing micro hole with stratified thermal effects, high drilling speed, good quality. Figure for Musen laser technology equipment in PI (bottom copper) and epoxy materials on drilling micro hole, visible to polymeric materials, the processing thermal effects is very small. For multilayer FPC blind hole processing and it is difficult to completely remove the hole bottom insulation materials, from the hole of the positive and negative map can be seen, in multilayer FPC drill less than 50um blind hole by means of ultraviolet laser, with epoxy resin as binder was completely removed by ablated area without any residue residue.
3, the application of UV laser in organic film cutting in CVL
CLV is a kind of hot forming or cold forming organic polymer, green paint and PCB similar to the main role. Its main role is to:
1) the protection of copper foil exposed in the air, to avoid the oxidation of copper foil;
2) for the surface treatment of the follow-up coverage. If there is no need of gilt covered area with CVL.
3) in SMT, the role of resistance welding.
CLV because the thickness of material in 40um~100um were distributed, high stability requirements so in cutting of UV laser cutting equipment. Musen technology UV laser laser laser precision molding machine by using the laser using after the market extensively validated the technology realizes that the average power is greater than 12 W single pulse energy is greater than 250 µ J UV output, and tens of thousands of hours of work in the life cycle of the repetitive frequency is 0-500 kHz wide range to ensure high pulse to pulse stability and excellent TEM00 mode laser beam quality. The special function of the control pulse energy, different frequency to maintain constant pulse energy and pulse width, guarantees the processing effect and efficiency to achieve the best condition. In the high frequency range up to 500 kHz, the beam quality is stable, the stability of 100KHz is less than 2%, 300KHz less than 3%. For cutting the CLV membrane, Musen technology accumulated a large number of cutting experience, in the control of cutting holes can cutting edge carbonization degree is small, slight dark edge carbonization.
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