Medical laser marking machine benefits

Author: zixu marking   Time: 2018/01/03

Lasers have become an important tool for implementing various medical practices. Surgery once needed to prolong the length of stay and recovery time can now be completed in a few hours, and usually does not require overnight.
However, there is another secondary relationship between the laser and the medical field. Lasers have been used to cut, weld, and mark a variety of surgical instruments and medical devices. With the ability to work at the micron level, lasers are a good industrial marking solution when it comes to medical devices.
surgery marking machine
Most medical devices typically pass through a chemical passivation process to form a surface film on the device to enhance their inherent corrosion resistance and prevent corrosion while also making them less susceptible to bacterial infection. One of the major advantages of laser marking technology is that it marks the instrument without damaging the chemical coating. The marked surface retains its corrosion resistance even after several years of continuous use, cleaning and disinfection.
The identification of medical equipment is necessary to ensure that the equipment is easily identified and recalled. This is also important for patient safety. Medical devices and devices often require long alphanumeric strings to be marked on them. Much of the information, including serial numbers, dates, and place of manufacture, is usually indicated directly on the device. This information can include a variety of letters and numbers, placing it on a pencil-sized instrument, sometimes even smaller, is a daunting task. This is one step that laser marking technology surpasses other marking technologies. Advanced laser marking machines have the ability to mark codes that contain more than twenty characters, all in less than a centimeter, which is the level of accuracy achieved by today's technology.
medical laser marking machine
There are many other marking technologies that can be used to mark metal products, including screen printing, ink jetting, etc., but most of these techniques are not suitable for medical devices because they involve a variety of potentially harmful chemical compounds.
On the other hand, lasers can produce extremely accurate and permanent markings on a variety of devices, including metals, plastics, and even silicon, which are considered unlabeled materials. These benefits make laser a very popular marker solution when it comes to the medical industry.
stainless steel laser marking machine
Various laser marking machines have been designed to perform marking procedures. There are many laser marking equipment suppliers around the world, but the KT logo stands out when it comes to superior quality, reliability and superior performance.

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