protable VIN number marking machine for chassis

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/08/09

protable VIN number marking machine for chassis. VIN is a 3 letters abbreviation for "Vehicle Identification Number". It addresses a serious matter for automotive safety and parts marking. Indeed, this identification number (marked on the car body) helps to ensure traceability of a vehicle throughout the manufacturing process, but also after it leaves the factory. As the VIN number is listed on the registration documents, management of the VIN number provides a real traceability advantage. For example, it can greatly reduce the amount of cars recalled if a manufacturer needs to replace a faulty component. Reading of VIN markings over time requires consistent high quality marking.
ZIXU Marking has developed a comprehensive and adaptable VIN Marking System to respond to all situations and applications.
VIN number marking machine
This concept is based around three main components:
A modern and fast scribing unit e10 i113s capable of 17 characters in less than 20 seconds, with 0.3 mm depth.
An e8 controller known for its robustness and its versatility with more than 15 languages available.
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