pneumatic marking machine engraving depth adjust method

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/09/08

 pneumatic marking machine engraving depth adjust method
In the use of pneumatic marking machine, the design of the print pin, the computer graphics, the word settings are the impact of pneumatic marking machine marking the depth of the factors. In the X-axis and Y-axis two-dimensional plane, the intensity and depth of pneumatic injection is affected by the equipment configuration and settings.
First, the marking of the pneumatic marking machine is closer to the surface of the metal to be printed, and the depth of the printing is deeper. In the marking machine to work, is through the pneumatic needle in the metal plane lattice impact to achieve the print effect, and will naturally affect the font and the depth of the pattern.

pneumatic marking machine
Most manufacturers set the first pneumatic marking needle is generally 5mm from the metal surface. Skilled operators will stretch the pneumatic prints outward to increase the strength before they are printed, thereby deepening the depth of the marking of the metal surface. Pneumatic marking machine is through the air pump pressure and the operation of the computer to work, the normal marking mark the depth of the general: 0.02 to 1mm.

What if the user wants to deepen the depth of the mark? The debugging method is summarized as follows:

1, the use of pneumatic marking machine when the best more typing, less playing some very complex patterns. The less fonts, the clearer the markings, but the lighter ones. Now a lot of companies, companies in the packaging of goods printed when the mark, always like to get some fancy patterns. And the pattern is very irregular, all kinds of twists and turns, very difficult to fight. Pneumatic marking machine printing Arabic numerals, such as telephone, mobile phone, website, company logo, etc. These conventional markings are relatively clearer.
2, adjust the pneumatic marking machine and the distance between the needle and the object. The conventional distance is the marking needle distance markings 3mm.
3, increase the pressure. Pneumatic marking machine is based on air pressure, the greater the pressure, the greater the impact of natural impact, the greater the depth of marking.
4, replace the spring inside the marking head. Because the metal marking, marking the head will have a telescopic action, if the spring is too hard, playing the head of the expansion is not convenient, it will affect the marking of the font and intensity, and even broken, playing flowers.
5, may be the solenoid valve ventilation is not enough, need to replace the solenoid valve.
The above is the impact of pneumatic marking machine depth of the five factors, if in accordance with these methods to adjust your pneumatic marking machine, marking the depth and effect will certainly be improved.

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