plastic bottle cap laser marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/11/15

What kind of laser marking machine can mark plastic bottle cap?
Laser marking machine on plastics is also widely used nowadays. Several types of machine can be selected according to the material to achieve different effects. Laser marking machine can be applied to digital, text, trademark or machine-readable codes, such as data matrix codes with high information density and arranged in compact space of different scales.Laser marking of plastic bottles on beverage bottles
plastic laser marking machine
Precision marking: Like metal laser marking machine, it also has good focusing ability, so it is very suitable for fine marking. The laser of this marking machine has high beam quality, so that the laser beam in the marking process can obtain very small focusing diameter. Thus, the precision marking track width of small to nanometer can be achieved on the micro components.
Laser marking on plastics
Adaptation of absorption characteristics: laser used for marking usually produces radiation in the infrared wavelength range. Green laser and ultraviolet laser are targeted at plastic box semiconductor materials. In the special marking application of laser engraving machine, the use of UV wavelength opens up a new possibility of laser marking on plastics. Short-wavelength photochemistry reacts directly with plastic composites without heating, thus causing no damage to materials. Laser marking machine has played an irreplaceable role in the plastic industry now.
Laser marking of plastic bottles cap
For the time being, laser potential is far from being applied in the application of plastic marking. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, ZIXU laser marking machine is opening up more new fields for the application of laser in plastic industry. Laser marking machine in plastics marking, in addition to consumables, pollution-free, but also has fast, good marking effect, strong anti-counterfeiting characteristics, widely welcomed by enterprises. Welcome to consult ZIXU laser marking machine manufacturer.
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