Ultraviolet laser marking machine for glass processing

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/07/09

Glass is a transparent solid material, widely used in daily life. The application scope of the glass is expanding,

especially the combination of other materials can be used in the high-tech field.

In recent years, an exciting alternative technology has been put into industrial applications, namely the use of

ultrafast lasers in the near infrared wavelength range to produce sub picosecond pulses. In this method, ultrashort

pulse tightly focused on most of the glass or surface, the power density per square centimeter of more than terawatts,

lead to complex process, such as multiphoton absorption, avalanche and impact ionization, resulting in damage of glass

matrix highly localized. At the same time, it almost does not exist energy deposition (only a few microseconds coke or even less).

UV laser marking function to achieve the processing of glass. Only 3W power is needed to achieve this function. Laser

marking machine with excellent performance to win the praise, for the processing of materials such as glass, etc.,

in particular, works of art, souvenirs, tourism products.

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