Making Machine Price Laser Printing On Metal

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/12/15

Fixed text:
Laser marking machine fixed text is a fixed text. Fixed text refers to the text that does not change between adding objects and starting marking. Fixed text can be up to 10 lines in a paragraph, and multiple fixed text objects can be more than 10 lines.
Variable text:
Variable text is a line of changeable text. Variable text of laser marking machine is an uncertain value when adding objects and starting marking. There are five variable texts.
Users can input different text through keyboard when marking.
Date code number:
Digital is a kind of coding based on PC data and time. The digital code can be edited automatically by laser marking machine in marking.
Code reader:
Users can read the text through the laser marker reader or RS232 interface and other external devices
Serial number:
In marking, the text is a series of consecutive letters or data. The increment of data can be either positive or negative.
List file menu file:
Variable text comes from a disk file similar to a mailing list. The file contains the ascll file in each entry (separated by a carriage return and line separator), and the next item in the list is used in each marking. Multiple objects can use the same list file.
Graphic graphics file:
Is a drawing or logo imported from a supported graphics format. There are two basic types: vector and raster.
Data link:
Is an object whose text and graphics are defined by other objects. Laser marking machine link object can specify the marking size, position, angle, font, etc., but the marking data comes from the linked object. Typical use of data links: printing readable files through serial barcodes. The first object is the sequence number -- the barcode type used for variable text, and the second object will link to the first, but with a font that we can read. The first and second display the same sequence.
Empty text:
Used as a simple occupier in the layer list of laser marking machine
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