uv laser marking machine for glass

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/19

The UV laser marking machine acts on glass mainly because of its special wavelength. Generally, the wavelength of 355nm is particularly suitable for marking glass products. As a fragile product of synthetic materials, although it can bring various conveniences to production, it is always what people want to change in the aspect of appearance and decoration. Therefore, how to better implant various patterns and characters into the glass system The appearance of products has become the goal pursued by people's consumers, and it is also another bright spot for glass product manufacturers to increase product sales.
laser engraver machine for glass
The following are several common methods of glass appearance identification:
Hot working: hot working is used to improve the appearance quality of processing materials, mainly including flame cutting, flame polishing, drilling, etc. But the glass is brittle and easy to crack under the influence of high temperature.
Screen printing: the principle of screen printing is to print ink to the surface of flat glass, and then use the curing measures of ink to make the pattern firm. However, the process of silk screen printing is complex, ink is harmful to human body, and silk screen printing is not good for color matching, less colors and poor coloring.
Etching method: use chemical hydrofluoric acid to corrode glass. First melt and cover the glass with paraffin, carve a pattern on the surface of paraffin, then coat with hydrofluoric acid and wash away the paraffin. Because hydrofluoric acid is easy to volatilize and pollute seriously, it needs protective layer and complicated operation.
UV laser marking: laser marking is an integrated optical motor equipment controlled by software system. The software is used to control the generation of graphics and non-contact processing is used to prevent the glass from being damaged by external forces. The UV laser marking is cold working, with high beam quality and very small spot, which can achieve ultra-fine marking of glass.

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