Reliability of non-contact laser welding machine compared with other welding machines

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/18

1. The energy distribution of laser welding machine welding spot is even, and the distribution of welding spot emitted by transmitting it is very uniform on the energy. It has the best spot needed for welding characteristics. No matter what kind of welding type, this kind of welding spot can be satisfied, so that the welding parts get the best near many light spots.
2. CCD camera supervision system is selected for transmission. Through the selection of CCD camera supervision system, the operator does not need to focus on the welding part during operation, and some welding dead angles are not visible at all. The selection of this system is to facilitate the operator to investigate the welding position, so that they can achieve accurate positioning.
laser welding machine
3. The fixture has strong adaptability. The transmission can customize the special automatic fixture for chemical industry to realize the mass production of products. Moreover, it can be used together with the automatic fixture to meet the needs of mass welding. It is a more high-tech equipment on the. It uses the high-energy laser beam coupling to enter, the transmission interval is far, and then uses the collimator to collimate the parallel light to gather the laser beam on the workpiece. When the welding position is difficult to be achieved by general welding, the flexible transmission of transmission laser welding has greater operability.
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