Fiber laser 30w marking machine for metal

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/17

Fiber laser 30w marking machine for metal

Nowadays, in the era of paying attention to economic benefits, the manufacturing and processing industry also pays more and more attention to production efficiency, such as screen printing, lithography, etc., more and more enterprises will choose laser marking to replace traditional screen printing processing, because the unique advantages of laser marking are far greater than traditional processing. When choosing fiber laser marking machine, we should consider not only the price and quality, but also the speed of marking. So, what are the factors that affect the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine

The factors that affect the marking speed of 30W and 50W fiber laser marking machines come from two aspects, one is the equipment itself, the other is some external factors. 

Fiber laser 30w marking machine for metal

Self factor refers to the setting of machine parameters when we mark products. It mainly includes laser frequency, laser spot mode, laser power, beam heat dissipation angle, etc. these factors are the parameters we set when marking products. There will be certain differences in the speed of different parameter marks. When choosing products, it is better to choose according to the suggestions of the engineer. 

Melting marking of fiber laser marking machine. Melting marking is marking on the surface of melting data. For example, in the process of making silicon chip without dust, only the surface of melting data is melted without damaging the interior. Therefore, it is necessary to control the dust generated by laser during marking. Generally, frequency doubled Nd: YAG laser (532nm) is used to mark silicon wafer. Black (oxidized) marking. Black marking is a symbol that oxidizes the appearance of data to black. It is generally used for marking of metal objects and mechanical parts made of iron and steel. Black marking is also suitable for the marking of iron, stainless steel, silicon and other materials with visual recognition.

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