Portable round fiber laser marking machine 20w

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/16

Portable round fiber laser marking machine 20w

1. Laser spot size: the smaller the spot, the smaller the marking volume. Therefore, the larger the spot, the faster the marking speed. 2. Marking format: because the deflection area of the large format marking galvanometer increases, the marking speed of the large format is slower than that of the small format. 3. Marking density: in the case of the same size, the same spot and the same depth, the higher the marking density, the slower the corresponding marking speed. The reason is that the density directly increases the marking area. 4. Marking depth: according to the requirements, if it is necessary to deepen the marking depth, it is necessary to adjust the parameters of the optical fiber laser marking machine, increase the power, current and other factors of the optical fiber laser marking machine, so the marking speed will be affected in these processes. The company's production base is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, which includes two major industries: laser processing and laser sales. Vertical and horizontal laser can not only provide a complete set of laser processing solutions for customers, but also establish a complete quality control and after-sales service system. With high-tech and high-quality as the standard, it can provide users with high-quality, comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services

 portable round fiber laser marking machine 20w

Portable laser marking machine | win a group of innovative and dedicated talents from the customer company, which has always been in a position in the field of laser technology research and development and application. At present, the main products of the company include fiber laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, UV laser marking equipment, laser accessories and other industrial laser equipment. Products are widely used in electronics, IC chips, electrical appliances, lighting, jewelry, hardware tools, sanitary ware, instruments, auto parts, mobile communication parts, molds, precision machinery, devices, it digital metal shell, industrial and aviation parts, clothing leather, craft gifts, advertising decoration, models, cooking utensils, tableware, Kitchenware and other industries portable laser

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