laser marking machine low price in china

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/16

Laser marking machine low price in china

The optical fiber laser marking machine is suitable for a wide range of applications, especially for the marking and engraving of switch panel, hardware, cutting tools and kitchenware, plastic products, metal ornaments, buttons, integrated circuits, packaging bottles and cans, spectacle frames, sanitary faucets and other products. The mark is clear and beautiful, and will never disappear. The environmental requirements are simple, without constant temperature and humidity and water-cooling facilities. It has the least consumables, simple maintenance and powerful software function. Now the fiber laser marking machine is modularized. A machine is made up of several modules. The basic marking machine is composed of several accessory modules, such as laser, fiber galvanometer, marking card, galvanometer, red light, beam expander, laser power supply, marking card power supply, fiber marking machine cabinet, etc.

laser marking machine low price in china

With the maturity of laser technology application, laser marking machine is widely used in many industries. But when you buy optical fiber laser marking machine, you will find that the price of optical fiber laser marking machine is different from many manufacturers. Why does this happen? Today's editor gives the following opinions for your reference:


In the market, the market price of domestic optical fiber laser marking machine is often much lower than that of the imported one. The domestic machine only imitates the appearance and selects the parts with odd poor quality, so the equipment price is relatively low. The imported fiber laser marking machine has unparalleled advantages in all kinds of components such as laser, deflection mirror, and host control system; from the perspective of stability and service life, it is also impossible for domestic models to surpass, which leads to the price gap of the machine. High quality optical fiber laser marking machine generally selects imported parts with superior performance, and its production cost is relatively higher.


Whether it's optical fiber or semiconductor or CO2 laser marking machine, the equipment introduced by various businesses can be used normally, and the configuration is the same, but the brand is different. Because of the difference of equipment price caused by the difference of the most important laser in the laser equipment, the laser uses the rare element glass fiber as a gain medium, and forms a kind of particle conversion working medium with high power density in the special application of radio and television, and finally forms the so-called laser light source through other working medium. This kind of light source is widely used in marking / welding / cutting of metal and non-metal, and industrial manufacturers have great advantages

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