Marking machine powerful function qr code tag plate

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/15

Marking machine powerful function qr code tag plate

Role orientation of two dimensional code laser marking machine 

In a complete set of factory product traceability system, traceability system, camera identification and two-dimensional code processing are the key technologies. In order to cooperate with the factory assembly line production, integrating a laser marking machine to realize two-dimensional code automatic marking, automatic loading and unloading, automatic reading, automatic rating and automatic data upload become the key technologies, while the later traceability is handed over to another system and office of the factory Public system docking is carried out after data upload from laser marking machine is obtained.

marking machine powerful function qr code tag plate

In the future, the factory is full of intelligent production and high integration of industrial automation. As an important information carrier, QR code is an indispensable key link, while the marking of QR code depends on permanent laser marking technology. Therefore, in the future intelligent chemical plants, the role of laser marking machine manufacturers can be divided into two parts:Complete a set of traceability system, from marking to traceability to the docking of the system and management system. But at present, most laser companies lack the ability to develop software technology.

Configure automatic laser marking machine, put aside the general marking machine with high competitive pressure, upgrade manufacturing, cooperate with the factory assembly line, mark, read, grade and upload data.

According to such market demand, Yuanlu Electric has two mature cases. On the one hand, it integrates the two-dimensional code laser marking machine of industrial assembly line products, on the other hand, it fully realizes the two-dimensional code laser marking + tracing system of the whole process.

Extended reading: laser marking machine can be equipped with optical fiber, CO2, UV, green light, picosecond and other light sources to achieve marking of different materials and industries, such as stainless steel, anode aluminum, magnetic materials, PCB, plastic, etc

TAG:  Marking machine powerful function qr code tag plate
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