Big size fiber laser marking machine price 50w

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/14

Big size fiber laser marking machine price 50w

1.A laser, a symbol of the times, a representative of scientific and technological civilization. The word "laser" is the free translation of "laser". Laser was originally a special term of light amplification by reproducing permission of radiation. It has been translated into "leser" and "light exciter" in China. In 1964, Academician Qian Xuesen proposed to call it "laser", which not only reflects the scientific connotation of "stimulated radiation", but also shows that it is a very strong new light source, which is appropriate, vivid and concise, and has been unanimously recognized by the scientific community of our country and has been used up to now.

As the latest product of optical fiber laser marking machine, "big" is not only reflected in its structure, but also more prominent in the expansion of its range. Its engraving range reaches 600 * 600 (mm) in a large format, which perfectly solves the limitations of today's small laser engraving range and further improves the development of laser engraving.

 big size fiber laser marking machine price 50w

2、 XY electric platform splicing laser marking machine


This way is to first finish a field mirror range, move the platform, and then a part; then move it, and then a part, move it many times, mark it many times, and finally splice it into a large format.


A.In theory, this way can be infinite, as long as you have requirements in this regard;


B. The lines are fine, because the format of the field mirror used in this way is relatively small, so the marking lines are fine and not as thick as that of the large field mirror;


However, the biggest disadvantage of this way of working is:


1). Due to the accuracy error of the mobile platform, there is a phenomenon that the splicing can not be done or the splicing can be observed by the naked eye! If you want to splice well, you must use a high-precision platform, which costs a lot.


2). Because of the way of jigsaw puzzle, the way of multi document marking must be adopted. If the graph is not handled well, it cannot be spliced. This is also a technical work.


3). Some control cards do not support jigsaw puzzle. You need to confirm whether the control card supports it first.


4). With more graphics processing, some control cards are easy to get stuck, just like JCZ, especially more pirated cards on the market, such as Hans, samlight, Qingyu umc4, etc.


TAG:  Big size fiber laser marking machine price 50w
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