Uv Laser Marking Machine, ls-uv5, 5w

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/13

Uv Laser Marking Machine, ls-uv5, 5w

5W UV laser marking machine is a series of products of laser marking machine, which integrates international advanced technology. High-energy UV photons directly destroy the molecular bonds on the surface of many non-metallic materials, making the molecules separated from the object. This way will not produce high heat, the UV laser spotlight is very small, and the processing has almost no damage of heat effect, so it is called cold processing, The UV laser marking machine is developed by using 355nm UV laser. Compared with the infrared laser, the third-order intracavity frequency doubling technology is adopted in the machine. The focus spot of 355 UV laser is very small, It can reduce the mechanical deformation of materials to a large extent and has little heat effect on processing, because it is mainly used for ultra-fine marking and carving, especially suitable for the marking of food and pharmaceutical packaging materials, micropore drilling, high-speed division of glass materials, and complex graphic cutting of silicon wafer wafer and other fields!         

 5W UV laser marking machine

Equipment characteristics


1. Because of the small focus spot and the small heat affected zone, UV laser can be used for ultra-fine marking, which is the preferred product for customers with higher requirements for marking effect;


2. In addition to copper, UV laser is more suitable for processing materials;


3. Not only the beam quality is good, but also the focus spot is smaller;


4. It can be used in a wider range, has a very small heat influence area, does not produce heat effect, and does not produce material burning problem;


5. The whole machine has the advantages of stable performance, small size and low power consumption;

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