Jpt mopa m6 color laser marking machine jpt

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/12

In China's market, we usually need color laser marking machine. We can think of JPT laser marking machine. At present, only JPT company does color laser marking machine is good, especially M6 marking machine.

MOPA laser marking machine can print color on stainless steel. Now, MOPA laser marking machines produced by major manufacturers are mainly 20W and 30W. MOPA (adjustable pulse width) fiber laser integrated laser marking system. The laser is output by optical fiber, and the marking function is realized by high-speed scanning galvanometer system. The electro-optical transfer efficiency of the optical fiber laser marking machine is high, the air cooling method is used for cooling, the whole machine is small, the output light speed is good, and the reliability is high. Engravable metal materials and some non-metal materials are mainly used in areas with high requirements for depth, smoothness and fineness. Industry application:
Jpt mopa m6 color laser marking machine jpt
1. Metal field: stainless steel products, hardware industry, watch industry, gold and silver jewelry industry, mold and other metal materials.
2. Non metallic field: PVC industry, PCB circuit board, ABS shell, chip industry, plastic marking, ceramic products, etc.
3. Indicated treatment field: paint or ink, anodizing, electroplating, electrophoresis and other surface marking logo or oxygen breaking conductive treatment.
4. Other applications: micro hole processing, wire stripping and deep marking of metal materials

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