China pneumatic marking machine for vin code chassis

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/12

China's pneumatic marking machine can engrave VIN number on the vehicle site or frame number.

Generally, the printing range of large trucks is 160x80mm, and that of cars is less than 130mm,The VIN number is generally 17 digits. Our thorx6 software or thorx7 has its own VIN number system,

If you input 17 digits, when the marking machine finishes typing for the first time, it will automatically jump to another 17 digits. The software is easy to operate, and there is no need to worry about this. 

china pneumatic marking machine for vin code chassis

The biggest difficulty for customers is that there are not so many VIN fonts in our software, so many words cannot be printed,

But Zixu has been working as a marking machine for 14 years. Through 14 years of experience, our company has independently developed typefaces such as Toyota, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and computer version thorx6 The system has more than 100 fonts. If the more than 100 fonts still can't meet your needs, you can provide all pictures of your fonts. We can make fonts for you according to your pictures by our software engineers. If you need to add fonts, you must use our thorx7 software.

Another problem with the frame number is that the font on the frame number is not deep enough to meet the inspection requirements.

In this regard, we have specially adopted the German imported guide rail, combined with the 6mm marking needle. On the basis of this improvement, Zixu's marking machine is 0.2mm deeper than other companies' marking machine, and Zixu's marking machine is about 0.1-1mm deep.

If this depth still can not meet the needs of customers, we suggest that customers can buy our plotter, but the price of the plotter is more expensive than that of the marker. Customers can choose the right machine according to their own needs

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