Zixu co2 laser marking machine applied on marking date on food package

Author: cnzixu   Time: 2019/09/03

Nowadays,in food processing industry,the manufacturer is facing a big problem--how to supply make sure safety for customer.one the food have problem,the factory will Suffer heavy losses,brand image damaged,it even led to the bankruptcy of enterprises.

Zixu Machinery content manager system | Zixu CMS

If have a Food Traceability System,even the Food on the market have a problem,the factory can find it very fast,and only need send back the problem goods,not all the goods.so the food Traceability is very important.this need Food Supervisory Department require food factory put the goods information on the package.

Zixu Machinery content manager system | Zixu CMS

The traditional processing mode mostly uses printing and inkjet to mark information, but as long as these two marking methods use ink, they can be altered, which can not guarantee the traceability of marking information, and easily cause the tampering of marking information. In addition, some materials of inkjet itself are harmful substances, which exist in food itself. In harm, it will also cause pollution to the environment. It seriously threatens the physical and mental health of consumers. So there are obvious defects in food packaging by this way.

Zixu Machinery content manager system | Zixu CMS

But if we have zixu co2 laser marking machine,it is Health and environmental protection,Neither harms food nor pollutes the environment.the marks will never wear out, ensuring the traceability and security of tag information, and will not cause tag information to be changed .

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