ZIXU Fiber Laser Marking Machine,come to see it!

Author: cnzixu   Time: 2019/09/03

Brief introduction:

ZIXU fiber laser marking machine,use China NO.1 brand fiber laser source(raycus laser source),Good beam quality,Small size,high speed,long life,flexible installation,Maintenance-free and so on.Low power consumption,No high voltage,No need water cooling,USB Interface Output Control,Optical Scanning Galvanometer,High repetition,High-precision,High productivity.

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ZIXU Fiber Laser Marking Machine Feature:

1.High speed, high precision and high production efficiency.

2.It can process many kinds of metal and non-metal materials. Especially for marking high hardness, high melting point and brittle materials,works better.

3.It belongs to non-contact processing, no damage to products, no tool wear, good marking quality.

4.Good laser beam is fine, small consumption and small heat affected zone.

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