Is the laser marking machine smelly?

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/08/13

Is the laser marking machine smelly? If the accessories are clearly configured, this is undoubtedly not poisonous. This is also scientifically based. It is just a bit glaring when marking, you can wear glasses.Fiber laser marking machine

Laser marking machine

When using a laser marking machine, smoke or other dust often occurs, so is the smell of the laser marking machine working?
  First look at the fiber laser marking machine: mainly metal and some non-metal, metal materials: deep or long marks, will find a lot of dust in the air, the body feels uncomfortable after inhalation. Plastic products: This often has obvious smoke, which must be harmful to the body, but no matter what substance is verified, but we can use a special smoking machine with a laser marking machine to suck away the generated smoke and ash layer.
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Let's take a look at the CO2 laser marking machine: mainly wood and some plastic products.
Wood: This smoke is very obvious. It is said to be the same as an ordinary fire. Plastic products: This smoke is also very obvious and smells bad.
But we can have a dedicated smoking machine with a laser marking machine that can suck away all the smoke and ash that is generated. Can also add an exhaust fan


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