Fiber Laser Marker Course

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/07/29

Chongqing Fiber Laser Marker Course

Chongqing Fiber Laser Marking Machine Course, Chongqing Initial Marking Machine Company specializes in providing you with laser marking machine use course, laser marking machine operation course, and other laser marking machine operation teaching, so that you can learn laser marking machine operation in seconds.
First step, we will start the laser marking machine. We should pay attention to the correct starting sequence of the laser marking machine. The starting sequence of the initial laser marking machine is from left to right. When the laser marking machine enters the working state, we turn on the software of the laser marking machine.
When we open the software of laser marking machine, we find the location where the text and graphics of laser marking machine are created. The text creation is "IF". After we click on this logo, we click on the tooling area on the software interface. So the text is displayed. There is a difference between displaying my text and the text we want to print. Then we can find the text box in the option box on the left and input the content we want to print. If we want to print more than one text, we can create more than one text.
Secondly, after we have created the marking text, we can place our products in the printing work area. We decide the setting of marking machine parameters according to the material requirements. There is a little skill about the general speed and power of metal parameters. The bigger the power is, the slower the speed is, the deeper the printing depth is, the smaller the power is. Quick, the printed logo has no depth. But the logo is still clearly visible. When we set the parameters, we can proceed to our next step.
Laser marking machine
Finally, after we set the parameters, we need to set the position, which means that we print the logo we want to print on the corresponding position of the product. We can't predict the exact position, so we can achieve this function through the software of laser marking machine. After we select the text, we can use the software of laser marking machine. Click on the red light under the software, and then a box will appear on our workbench. The size of this box is related to the size of our text settings. The larger the text, the larger the box, and the smaller the text, the smaller the box. After we align the printing position, we can mark it.
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