Maintenance of pneumatic marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/07/27

Maintenance of pneumatic marking machine
Chongqing Zixu Machinery Factory has been focusing on the maintenance of pneumatic marking machine for 14 years. There are professional technical team and after-sales team. When your pneumatic marking machine fails, portable pneumatic marking machine,you can't find the after-sales manufacturer or the seller will ignore you directly. Don't worry, Zixu Pneumatic Marking Machine Factory will help you solve your problems. It takes only one phone call to find the real after-sales manufacturer directly.
Pneumatic marking machine
Maintenance of pneumatic marking machine is a after-sale service for portable pneumatic marking machine, pneumatic dot peen marking machine ,desktop pneumatic marking machine, frame number pneumatic marking machine, nameplate pneumatic marking machine, cylinder pneumatic marking machine, pipeline pneumatic marking machine and other equipment, mainly for simple faults of pneumatic marking machine equipment and the need to replace accessories. Maintenance project, maintenance price is close to people, only the cost of spare parts and labor fees are charged. Simple telephone communication can solve the problems, which can be free of charge to guide debugging.
Maintenance policy of pneumatic marking machine in Zixu Machinery Factory can be divided into two kinds: one is that the equipment itself is sold in our factory area, and we are free to repair the non-man-made damage during the quality guarantee period, and the cost of spare parts should be charged in excess of the quality guarantee period; the other is that the pneumatic marking machine equipment sold by non-Zixu Machinery Factory can be directly repaired with us. After-sales maintenance personnel can communicate directly. If they can deal with the faults by telephone without charge, the pneumatic marking machine which can not remotely remove the faults can send the equipment directly to our factory or invite the technical personnel of the pneumatic marking machine of Zixu Machinery Factory to repair at home.
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