Cnc Automatic Price In Pakistan Machinery Gas Cylinder Marking Machine Dot Pen

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/12/26

Cylinder pneumatic marking machine for the gas industry to solve the potential problems of marking safety,
Chongqing Zixu Machine Works/Chongqing Chuke Intelligent Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. developed
and designed a cylinder marking machine for gas industry marking equipment  in 2005.
Cylinder marking machine is a small pneumatic marking machine made and designed by Chongqing Zixu
Machine Works/Chongqing Chuke Intelligent Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. according to the
requirements of the national new gas industry. 
Gas Cylinder Marking
Our common pneumatic marking machines are desktopand portable pneumatic marking machine pneumatic
marking machines, desktop marking machine with rotary jigs actually also can operate and mark on the cylinder
surface, but there is a big disadvantage that cylinders must be kept flat on the floor to realize marking every
operation. Therefore, our company is designed cylinder pneumatic marking machine because of convenient
marking and easy to move.
The gas industry is a high-risk industry. The original gas industry relied on manual typing, which was very slow.
It was also easy to knock on fingers, heavy disability, and light rest for many days. The cylinder code printer
developed and produced by Zixu Marking Machine Factory has been sought after by the gas industry.
The cylinder marking machine adopts a portable single-handed structure, with two electromagnets for
absorbing and matching the arc-face tooling of the cylinder. It is easy to fix the marking head with one
hand. The marking speed is fast, the writing is neat, saving manpower and material resources, and also
The requirements and standards of the national gas cylinder monitoring station have solved the
lettering problem for the gas industry manufacturers.
Chongqing Zixu/Chuke develops portable coding machine. The various bottles in the gas industry
have different fixtures. It is suitable for all kinds of cylinders, has complete operation video and
product information, and has simple operation interface and can be used with confidence.


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