Do you know the exact year of your birth?Chinese spring festival

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/01/31

Occurs in the spring festival and spring festival's Eve between the two little guys story. New Year is born from the spring festival's Eve eggs or other things was born, New Year's Eve with the New Year to do bad things, the result of a dangerous moment dropped the New Year, the New Year was saved and returned to the home section.
New Year's Eve plans to retake the New Year, but New Year choose to stay in the village. New Year's Eve find a way to win the trust of New Year, provoking New Year's relationship with everyone. New Year Eve separated from the New Year and everyone, the negative energy is about to reach its peak when the spring festival choose to protect you, beat the New Year's Eve.
spring festival
New Year's Eve live in a cave. spring festival's Eve there is a ball of energy and the like, each teaching a little spring festival, the energy logo will rise, New Year's Eve will be more powerful. The New Year's Eve without power can attack the beaten-up human or animal, but he is not an enemy of unity, which is why New Year's Eve did not break into the village directly.
New Year's Eve ultimate goal is to get from the New Year energy peaked strength, and then eat everyone. New Year's Eve tries to spoil the spring festival and tries to teach him all sorts of bad qualities. Whenever spring festival's Eve eats potions for various purposes and becomes a Zodiac animal, it is the origin of the Year of the Zodiac.
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