Application of Laser Marking Machine for Mobile Phone Parts Industry

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/11/20

Application of Laser Marking Machine for Mobile Phone Parts Industry
The application of laser processing has been developed and applied to our production and manufacture for a long time. In the common mobile phone manufacturing industry, laser technology is widely used in its electronic components-free and overall supporting products. It is a new breakthrough in industrial manufacturing technology, and it is a new type of non-contact processing, non-chemical pollution and non-grinding. A new type of marking process mode is introduced. In recent years, with the application of laser technology more and more widely, it has been effectively combined with computer science technology, thus breaking through another milestone in the development of laser processing.
Seventy percent of mobile phone manufacturing processes are applied to laser technology and laser manufacturing equipment. Especially in recent years, the development of high power, high energy ultraviolet marking machine, deep ultraviolet and ultrafast laser processing technology has promoted the development of smart phone manufacturing technology. This is related to the technical properties of laser and the precision manufacturing properties of mobile phones.
Application of Laser Technology in Mobile Manufacturing Industry
Laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting and laser drilling are common laser processing technologies used in mobile phones.
First, laser marking.
Laser marking is to mark all kinds of symbols, words, patterns and so on with extremely fine spots. The size of the spot can be in the order of micron. It has a deeper significance for micro-industry plus or anti-counterfeiting.
In the laser industry, it is a very common equipment with low price, fast processing speed and good marking quality. It is widely used. In the mobile phone field, it is mainly used in surface logo marking, text marking, as well as internal electronic components, circuit boards logo, text marking. The appearance of mobile phone is listed below. Laser marking applications.
Logo Laser Marking of Mobile Phone Shell with Bright Fog and Laser Marking of Mobile Phone Border
battery laser marking machine
Two, laser welding.
Welding technology is mainly used in mobile phone backplane welding. High-energy laser beam is used to melt and solidify the material surface into a whole. The size of heat affected zone, weld beautifulness and welding efficiency are important indexes for judging the quality of welding process.
Laser Welding of Mobile Phone Metal Fittings
phone part laser welding
Three, laser cutting.
Laser cutting technology in mobile phone shell is mainly shell cutting and screen glass cutting. Laser cutting technology is more used in screen cutting, and many companies on the shell use one-time forming technology and mechanical processing technology.
Laser Cutting of Mobile Phone Glass Screen
Laser cutting technology is very common in the current mobile phone manufacturing process. Different from the previous shell laser cutting technology, this paper adopts the precision cutting of UV-ultraviolet laser technology, mainly cutting FPC soft board, PCB board, hard and soft bonding board and cover film laser cutting window, etc. Example.
 phone laser cutting machine
Laser Cutting of Mobile Phone Battery Plate
Four, laser drilling.
Laser drilling is a relatively high-end application. Mobile phone manufacturers require high speed, good quality and low cost. Laser focusing spot can focus on a wavelength order of magnitude and concentrate high energy in a small area. It is especially suitable for processing micro-deep holes. The minimum aperture is only a few microns, and the ratio of hole depth to aperture can be greater than 50. Micron. Laser drilling can be used for PCB board drilling, shell receiver and antenna drilling, headphone drilling and so on in mobile phone applications. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, small deformation and wide application range. Mobile phones focus on more than 200 parts in a palm of the hand. Its processing and manufacturing technology can be regarded as one of the most difficult manufacturing technologies.
Laser Drilling of Mobile Phone Speaker
Rapid and efficient production efficiency of laser processing and the nature of precision processing determine its position in mobile phone manufacturing has become more and more important. Laser processing plays a huge role in the whole manufacturing process of mobile phones, bringing enormous economic benefits to the whole machine manufacturer. For more information, please pay attention to laser equipment manufacturer ZIXU laser.
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