How to repair metal stamp machine?

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/12/02

The needle makes abnormal noise when it is reset. In most cases, the limit switch is damaged. Or the USB cable is loose, change the limit switch or turn off the software and plug the USB cable tightly.
In most cases, plug-in sound and start-up sound are the problems of aviation plug-in line (poor contact or fracture of aviation plug-in line). It can be judged by using a universal meter to hit 19 cores. When the limit switch and aviation plug-in line are in good condition, it is necessary to consider the fracture of the socket head and the welding point at the nose end.
metal stamp machine
Software or computer problems: computer poisoning, software re installation or replacement of computer software.
The needle was repeatedly hit at the dot, most of which were broken in the aviation plug line. The universal meter was used to check and check the aviation plug. Under the normal condition of the aviation plug, considering the damage of the drive and motor, we used the better quality, and the driving motor problems accounted for a small number. It may be due to the computer configuration is too low (1. The computer configuration is too low), especially the USB pneumatic marking machine has high requirements for the computer to crash for a short time), causing the computer to suddenly stop for about 1 second. At this time, you must turn off all other software on the computer, especially the screen saver
The marks are not beautiful, crooked or unshaped. They are all on the equipment that has been used for a long time. Our equipment has not encountered such problems. The number of years is related. Most of them are the customers of marking needle. The equipment is old or the configuration is low. If the equipment is used for a long time, the belt is loose, the synchronous wheel is broken, and the clearance of the guide rail becomes larger (more dust and wear), It is recommended that the customer pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment, butter once a week, and blow the dust inside the machine head with an air gun.
There are missing or trailing strokes in the printed characters
the gas on / off delay is not set properly
In the software, increasing the delay of raising pen can avoid the missing of the first stroke; adding the delay of writing down can avoid the tailing of the last stroke.
Relationship between depth and motor (power); drive, solenoid valve (model mismatch), pressure regulating valve (unable to close air)
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