Marking machine features different design features

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/01/27

Marking machine is a broad concept, which is divided into three major types of pneumatic dot marker, laser marking machine, electrical erosion, pneumatic: computer control, print needle under the action of compressed air to do high-frequency impact movement, and thus print a certain depth on the workpiece Mark, mark Features: a greater depth.
portable laser marking machine
1. All modular design (laser module, optical scanning module, industrial computer, control box, laser power supply, Q switching power supply, cooling mechanism) Each module has a corresponding independent operating space, interconnection is simple and directly reduce the electromagnetic interference And thermal interference, to ensure the stability of the system for a long time.
2, ultra-precision cavity design, professional laser cavity design, to ensure that the light efficiency and laser marking, while reducing the temperature dependence.
3, Flexible control mode, all the control modules have manual and program-controlled adjustment of two optional control methods to meet the needs of different users, for marking current, frequency and other electronic control parameters can be intuitive manual adjustment.
portable marking machine
4, light path preview function, the focus indicator, superimposed on the optical axis of the laser visible red light, used to indicate the location of the laser beam to achieve a preview of the marking range, an increase of indicating the focus of red light, intuitive and convenient to achieve Focus function.
5, full-featured marking software, graphics rendering and editing functions, automatically linked to selected object properties, intuitive and convenient operation, support for TrueType fonts, single-line fonts, one-dimensional bar codes and two-dimensional bar codes, up to 256 color pen, you can Set different processing parameters for different objects.
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