how to buy a low price laser marking machine?

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/11/18

How to Buy Low Price Laser Marking Machine
Almost all customer consultation laser marking equipment is to put the price first, rather than the cost-effective in the first place. "Three comparisons of goods" is the common feature of all people when they buy products, but when they stand on the same conditions, it is obvious that the things that show value immediately. For example: Taobao above see this phenomenon, optical fiber laser marking machine prices are diverse, expensive price as high as 100,000, cheap as low as 230,000. This makes consumers wonder what kind of marking machine to buy. More than 100,000 people feel too expensive, and 20,000 people worry about the quality. In fact, whether the manufacturer quotes more than 100,000 or 20,000 yuan, they have their own reasons, because they all understand the value for money.
Today, the ZIXU laser will give you an analysis: Why buy the marking machine when the price of distress, comprehensive consideration of the value in the end where? Why are the prices of optical fiber laser marking machines different from those of many manufacturers?
How much is the 3D optical fiber laser marking machine?
Now the optical fiber laser marking machine has been modularized. A machine is made up of several modules. The most basic marking machine is composed of laser, optical fiber galvanometer, marking card, galvanometer, red light, beam expander, laser power supply, marking card power supply, optical fiber marking machine cabinet and other parts. 。 Among these accessories, the fiber laser is the core component, and also the component with the biggest price difference.
optical fiber laser marking machine
How much is the automatic PCB laser marking machine?
So a marking machine, which type of laser to choose, will largely determine the price of this machine, of course, also affect the quality of this marking machine, because generally speaking, the quality of expensive things is relatively better, especially the imported IPG laser is certainly better than the domestic laser. In order to choose a marking machine, we must first look at what brand of laser this marking machine is using.
flying laser marking machine
How much is a flying laser typewriter?
Here I take a 20-watt fiber laser as an example. Lasers are generally divided into the following categories: IPG-MOPA, SPI-MOPA, IPG Q-switched, Jeep MOPA, Reiko, Chuangxin, 26, High Polymer, Huapida, Yipin Laser, Jitai, Okai 2 and other brands. The actual price is based on the purchase price. The import price is definitely more expensive than the domestic price. This is one of the reasons that affect the price of optical fiber laser marking machine. Everyone knows that every penny counts.
Ultraviolet laser marking machine
How much is the ultraviolet laser marking machine?
Well, you must all decide to use the choice of lasers to compare prices, of course, this core accessories is an important reference index. What about other accessories? Don't you think about it? Why are prices different? ZIXU Laser gives you an analysis: each company has its own orientation and development direction. Some companies are doing high-end customers, quality development, and some manufacturers are making money by quantity and price, and sales to survive. Everyone knows that a device has power supply, bellows, trigger cabinet, industrial computer, lens, machining, data line, even small to a screw, it will be good or bad. Secondly, there are disparities in comprehensive considerations such as shunting technology level and service behavior. It depends on how you choose?
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