Marking of stainless steel products by laser marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2016/09/03

Stainless steel, that is not easy to rust the steel, in fact, there is a part of stainless steel, stainless steel, and the acid
resistance (corrosion resistance). Therefore, stainless steel is the use of a high amount of metal materials.
And stainless steel materials, it is essential to people's production and processing of engineering material, its use
is very extensive, covering now many aspects of the production and processing, became the one of the indispensable
for the industry of processing materials. Therefore, the wide application of stainless steel makes the application of
the optical fiber laser marking machine in the market more and more widely. In particular, the recent special popular
stainless steel color printing, but also greatly sought after by the advertising / Arts and crafts industry.
The common tag coding, given its identity
In many stainless steel products and parts, it is required to do some information on the label, such as a simple
production date and batch number, as well as the relatively high precision of bar code and two-dimensional code
information, etc.. Whether it is a single line, contour lines, or fill font, as long as it is able to express out on the drawings,
you can use the laser marking equipment, it is engraved on the stainless steel surface. From then on, stainless steel
products have a detailed identity information".
Color marking, fashion and beautiful
Stainless steel color printing, that is, under the action of laser, the surface of the stainless steel produced a laser thermal
effect. Advanced laser can make the color of the material changes the physical effect, with the polymer in oxygen
environment occur thermal decomposition reaction, local irradiation with high energy and high density laser beam
on the workpiece surface, surface material is quickly gasified or color change, thus exposed deep material, or is the
result of the physical surface of chemical and physical changes and depict traces; or is through the energy of light burned
material part, show the to be etched graphics, text. No matter what, on the stainless steel block, through the optical fiber
laser marking machine, showing a beautiful color pattern.
The characteristics of fiber laser hit the marking machine, with low maintenance cost, long service life, the operation is
convenient to use, marking effect fine, effectively ensures the efficient labeling of stainless steel materials, into a new
impetus to now stainless steel manufacturing.
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