Welding method of laser welding machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/03/09

Welding method of laser welding machine?

What are the factors affecting the price of laser welding machines? . Laser welding machine plasma arc welding

This laser welding machine is similar to the argon arc welding method, but the welding torch will produce a tight arc to improve the arc level and energy density. It is faster than the argon arc welding and deeper than the argon arc welding, but slightly less than the laser welding.

Continuous laser welding This welding method is important for the welding and cutting of thick parts, and a continuous weld is formed during the welding process. Pulsed laser weldingThe pulse laser welding method of the laser welding machine is mainly used for the single point fixing and the welding of the workpiece materials, and forms a round solder joint when welding. In general, the choice of welding materials, the choice of laser welding machine brand, the choice of processing table is an important factor affecting the consequences of laser welding.These are the welding methods of laser welding machines, and the desire can sponsor the company to further understand the laser welding method.laser welding machine, also commonly known as laser welding machine, laser welding machine, is a laser material processing machine, according to its working mode is divided into laser mold welding machine, automatic laser welding machine, laser spot welding machine, fiber transmission laser Welding machine; laser welding machine electron beam welding

Laser welding machine

It relies on a bundle to accelerate the electron flow of high-energy density to impact the workpiece. The laser welding machine generates huge heat in a small dense volume outside the workpiece, forming a small hole effect, thereby implementing deep-fusion welding. The important disadvantage of electron beam welding is that high vacuum is required to prevent electron scattering, the equipment is complicated, the size and shape of the weldment are limited by the vacuum chamber, and the quality of the weldment assembly is strict. Non-vacuum electron beam welding can also be implemented, but due to electronics Scattering and focusing are not good enough to affect the consequences.If any questions,Pls contact me by whatsapp 008618323847792 or email:zoyazhou@cqzixu.com.cn

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