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Author: zixu   Time: 2020/12/11

Electroplating requires a low-voltage high-current power supply to the electroplating tank and an electrolytic device composed of electroplating solution, parts to be plated (cathode) and anode. The composition of the electroplating solution varies depending on the plating layer, but they all contain a main salt that provides metal ions, a complexing agent that can complex metal ions in the main salt to form a complex, a buffer used to stabilize the pH of the solution, an anode activator, and Special additives (such as brighteners, grain refiners, leveling agents, wetting agents, stress relief agents and fog inhibitors, etc.). The electroplating process is a process in which the metal ions in the plating solution are reduced to metal atoms through the electrode reaction under the action of an external electric field, and the metal is deposited on the cathode. Therefore, this is a metal electrodeposition process that includes liquid phase mass transfer, electrochemical reaction, and electrocrystallization. The resulting product is called electroplating product.
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The electroplated metal product itself exhibits the effect of chemical reaction, and the finished product itself has high corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and its appearance is beautiful and delicate. It is generally recommended to use a laser marking machine for marking. It has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, can convert high-quality photoelectricity, guarantees the marking quality, and the quality of the output beam is also high. Compared with the same type of marking machine, marking The accuracy is higher.
Laser laser engraving machine can perform marking processing on electroplated products. The laser engraving machine is an ideal equipment for marking on electroplated electroplated products. The laser engraving machine can perform marking processing on it without falling off. The marking after marking is fine, beautiful, and will not fade or fall off.
The laser engraving machine for electroplated metal products can quickly mark the surface of the product, and the marking machine occupies a small area. It only needs to be powered on to perform processing operations. It is a very ideal marking equipment. At a comprehensive level, the marking machine applied to electroplated products is more suitable than laser engraving machine.
Advantages of laser engraving machine
1. No consumables, environmental protection, pollution-free, and maintenance-free
2. The software interface is humanized, the operation is simple and easy to learn, and the editing function is powerful
3. High processing precision, fast speed and stable performance
4. The marking software is powerful, compatible with files from CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Photoshop and other software


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