What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Laser Printer?

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/03/07

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Laser Printer?
The laser printer (marking machine) is to collect and deflect the high-energy laser emitted by the laser to mark the surface of the product with the high temperature of the laser.
It is widely used in products requiring fine marking such as hardware, metal parts, plastic products, and electronic parts.
Laser printer advantages:
■ The logo is permanent and cannot be removed unless the surface is damaged.
■ The identification content can be very fine and precise, and it has a very good visual effect on some materials, which can improve the product grade.
■Laser technology is now very mature, with a high degree of modularity, high product stability and easy maintenance.
■ Do not use consumables, and the cost of later use is low.
Laser printer advantages:
Laser printer
■The effect is very different on different materials, such as poor effect on transparent or light plastic materials.
■Depending on the print content, the mark speed will be very different depending on the required print depth (color depth).
1. With anti-counterfeiting effect
Laser printer: The printed information is directly marked on the surface of the product. The mark can be lined or dot matrix. The mark has unique visual effect, the mark is clear and permanent, and can not be erased and changed. The anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious.
2. Working status
The laser printer uses online high-speed, non-stop laser marking for high production efficiency. It can work statically and at high speed in the production line.
3. Flexibility
Laser printer: Print content can include serial code, batch number, barcode, QR code, logo and pattern. The number of print lines and font size are not limited.
4. Reliability
Laser printer: stable and reliable performance, continuous operation all day. Maintenance-free time is up to 20,000 hours.
5. Operation and use
Laser printer: Intuitive window software (WindowsXP), the display interface has high resolution and clear picture. Make the creation and editing of print information convenient and fast.
6. Initial cost
Laser printer: The one-time purchase price is higher, and the later use cost is lower.
7. Operating costs
Laser printer: The operating cost is extremely low, and no planned shutdown is stopped. The equipment can be operated without maintenance for a long time without any consumables and zero operating costs.
8. Data processing capabilities
Laser printer: The control host directly uses the industrial computer, which has powerful data processing capability and can connect all anti-counterfeiting data systems to meet multi-level anti-counterfeiting requirements.
9. Environmental protection and safety
Laser jet printer: It is an environmentally-friendly high-tech product that does not produce any substances harmful to the environment and the human body, and produces surface marks on the objects to be printed. It has been widely used in the production of food and medicine. Meet the GB7247-87; GB10320-88 standard. However, its laser engraving produces smoke and can generally be treated with a smoke evacuation system.
With the continuous development of science and technology, laser inkjet printers have become the development trend instead of inkjet printers. The printer manufacturer should conform to the requirements of market development, take product quality as the core, operate with integrity, and continuously improve the performance of the product. The printer will be faster in printing speed, more content, easy to clean automatically, and easy to operate. . With the surge in the demand for coding in various industries, the future development potential of laser printers is huge.
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