Do the best laser marking machine in China

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

An embroidery needle of the thickness of the fiber, the release of the laser energy, can be welded aircraft, ships.

Small to the product marking, big to heavy machinery manufacturing, the use of laser is also more and more widely.

Raycus laser is located in Optics Valley, China's largest high-power fiber laser R & D and production enterprises.

In the world, the fiber laser is more and more widely used in the field of automobile shipbuilding, aerospace, military

equipment and so on. Compared with the traditional carbon dioxide and solid laser, its power consumption is only its 1/5,

the volume of only its 1/10, but the speed is 4 times faster, the conversion efficiency is 20%, and zero pollution.

This year, China's first million KW fiber laser in Raycus Department of research and development success, marking the Chinese

in high power fiber lasers is developed in the field into the world's advanced level. China became the second country to master

the technology after the United States. The face of the huge market demand, to further improve the domestic kW fiber laser,

is expected to open in the industrial production.

Chongqing ZIXU machinery works will work together Wuhan Raycus to create a high quality laser marking machine.

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