Does laser marking machine can be used for color printing

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

In the modern laser marking machine is to be able to play. Use of a number of specific materials or marking process,
the correct operation of the diode pump on the substrate marking, not only can play a clear and beautiful black
and white effect, but also can play the effect of color logo.
Laser marking machine principle is using high energy laser beam through the physical surface of evaporation and leakage
of deep substance, or marked by the physical surface of chemical and physical changes trace, or through the energy of light
burned part material, logo or text and in non metal materials can only be through the oxidation index recorded the black (as white material, etc.)
or leakage of deep material color (the bottom is what color coded is what color, such as the glass marking are generally mark depth,
is unable to mark the other color, usually monochromatic. And in metal materials by laser beam energy to change the color of the surface
of the material and get a real decorative effect. This effect can obtained in anodized surface and untreated surface,
so the metal materials can be marking color, such as stainless steel.
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